Vita Cryo is the leading provider of non-invasive cold therapy specializing in pain management, beauty and wellness, athletic recovery, and overall health through a practice called cryotherapy. Vita Cryo utilizes safe and effective Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) to help our clients achieve their desired results. The therapeutic techniques used allow your body to kick-start its own natural physiological processes for reducing inflammation and promoting healing.

Vita Cryo aims to provide the best whole body cryotherapy experience for all individuals looking for holistic wellness and recovery alternatives. Vita Cryo prides itself in taking the time to listen, educate and walk each guest through their cryotherapy session and often recommends treatments tailored to each guest. Visit Vita Cryo to “chill” the pain away!

The Vita Cryo Experience

Although whole body cryotherapy has been used for relief, recovery and rejuvenation for decades, Vita CryoStudio knows that most of our guests will experience cryotherapy for the very first time when walking into our doors. This is why Vita CryoStudio’s first priority is to consult and educate each guest that visits our studio. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about cryotherapy and will be right by your side for every cryotherapy session you experience with us. Our mission is to create the most friendly and informative experience to help you in becoming a better you.