1) Is Cryotherapy safe?

Cryotherapy is completely safe. The Nitrogen used to cool the chamber is the same Nitrogen that makes up 78% of the air we breathe. The client’s head remains outside of the chamber for the entire session and they breathe regular room air. For added safety, the client also wears socks, gloves and boots (provided by Vita CryoStudio) throughout the session. A Vita CryoStudio certified employee will be with the client throughout the duration of the treatment.

2) How is Cryotherapy different from an ice bath or standing outside in the cold?

You are simply unable to achieve the same results with an ice bath and the human body reacts differently in a cryotherapy treatment compared to an ice bath.

After 12-15 minutes of a shockingly cold ice bath the skin temperature only arrives at 41 degrees, whereas with 2-3 minutes of whole body cryotherapy, the skin temperature gets as low as 30 degrees. During an ice bath, your body is increasing circulation throughout your body, in order to keep it warm. Cryotherapy shocks the skin receptors, which send signals to the brain signaling a much greater response, causing your body to go into “survival mode.” During this time, your body vasoconstricts, sending most of your blood to your core vital organs. It’s during this time, that the blood is enriched with increased oxygen, nurtrients and enzymes. After the cryotherapy treatment, your body vasodialates, sending this enriched blood back out to the rest of your body. This allows for a different physiological response from the body increasing your speed of recovery and overall healing.

3) How long does a session last?

A typical Whole Body Cryotherapy treatment is very quick. The session lasts 3 minutes and you can be in and out in just under 15 minutes total.

4) What do I wear during the treatment?

Due to the extremely low temperatures, you will be required to remove all jewelry and metal from your body. Socks, boots and gloves are provided and required, and men must also wear undergarments. All other clothing is removed.

5) Can I use Cryotherapy if I’m claustrophobic?

Yes. Your head will be outside of the chamber throughout the entire treatment. In addition, the door to the chamber is never locked, so you are able to exit at any time.

6) How many treatments will it take to see results?

Many people experience a boost in their mood, energy and some minor relief from aches and pains in the first couple treatments. However, a minimum of 8-10 sessions is recommended to see maximum/noticeable benefits.

7) Do I have to take a shower before or after the treatment?

The treatment is completely dry and your body does not come into contact with anything besides the nitrogen vapors, so you do not need to shower before or after the cryotherapy treatment.

8) Is it best to exercise before or after cryotherapy?

It is safe either way. If you exercise before whole body cryotherapy, you will experience decreased muscle soreness and greater recovery time due to the reduction in inflammation. If you exercise after the cryotherapy, you will experience a increased energy and a looser overall feeling in the body, providing a better workout!

9) I see many places that offer cryotherapy, why should I visit Vita CryoStudio?

Cryotherapy has become quite popular across the United States due to its effectiveness in overall health and wellness. In fact, more and more gyms, spas and individual cryotherapy treatment centers are opening up in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia as well. However, Vita Cryo is one of the industry leaders in cryotherapy as a treatment, safety and the tailored approach it takes with each of its customers. Clients will not receive a standard script when they visit any of our locations. Rather, our staff will take the time to listen, understand, educate and recommend the best treatment plan (which may or may not include cryotherapy) that we feel will fit our client’s needs.